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Principles of doing Business

Since you may be contemplating entering into a relationship with Activus, we thought it would be helpful to set out our principles of
doing business, so you know what to expect

  • We give you the advice that we would want to receive if we were you

    This means we will take the time to “stand in your shoes” and try to figure out what we would do if we were you.

  • We invest alongside you

    Each of the firms’ partners has a substantial majority of their liquid net worth invested using the Activus’ investment process.



  • If we cannot answer your question confidently we will tell you

    We do not know everything there is to know about finance.  We do, however, have a network of specialists who, between them, know almost everything there is to know about finance.  We will not be shy about telling you when we need to do some research on your behalf or to refer you to a specialist.  We can arrange and attend meetings with you.

  • We will treat you as we would expect to be treated and we expect the same in return

    We spend a lot of time with each of our clients so it is important that the relationship is based upon mutual openness, honesty and integrity.

  • Activus is growing organically through personal contacts and referrals

    Growing organically enables us to have a very good idea of the likely nature of each client and enhances the probability of mutually beneficial long term relationships.

  • Activus does not impose exit penalties

    It appears to us that companies who impose exit penalties are concerned that their clients might one day realise they are being overcharged or receiving a poor service.  We are confident that the service Activus offers represents excellent value and do not impose such penalties.

  • Independent thinking

    We do not follow the herd.  Our portfolios do not follow the traditional albeit naïve mix of equities and fixed income which is so prevalent in the UK.  For more than two decades, US based endowments and family offices have realised that improved risk-adjusted returns can be achieved through genuine diversification into private equity, funds which employ trading strategies, property, infrastructure and commodities.  Activus can incorporate all of these asset classes into its portfolios.

  • Independent investment research

    Activus performs its own investment research and analysis.  This enables us to uncover special situations and pockets of value which might be overlooked by the broader market.  We do read and consider third party research but are always aware of its potential bias.

  • Independence from product providers

    Activus has invested considerable time and money building proprietary systems for investment research, portfolio management and client reporting. This means that unlike the majority of other wealth managers we are completely independent of any third party product provider.