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Investment Advice Fees

Investment Advice Fees

We do not charge for an initial meeting.

There is a 1% initial charge on invested assets and subsequent contributions. This is frequently less than the value obtained through efficiencies following our advice. Initial investment advice includes:

Establishing details of the client’s savings and investments, risk tolerance, investment experience and specific requirements

Providing advice specific to tax-advantaged accounts: making use of available ISA and SIPP contribution allowances including immediate family members’ allowances

Providing advice specific to investment income and gains: making use of available HMRC tax allowances including the annual capital gains tax allowance and immediate family members’ personal income and basic rate tax allowances

Optimising tax efficiency of the investment accounts

Creating an Investment Policy Statement and agreeing portfolio parameters

Building and agreeing an initial portfolio

Researching the market for the most appropriate account providers

Opening the investment accounts and arranging for transfers from existing client accounts where necessary

Keeping the client informed during the process

Investing the client’s money

Ongoing Investment Advice

Activus charges a 1% per annum portfolio advisory fee which is typically paid monthly in arrears and facilitated by the account provider.  However to the extent that the portfolio is invested in an Activus fund this amount is not charged as Activus is paid 1% per annum for managing the fund. The portfolio advisory fees are generally subject to VAT but the fund management fees are not.
Clients receive a monthly consolidated one page portfolio report which is sent directly to their PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone or other electronic device.  We notify clients at the beginning and end of the tax year of their available allowances and will calculate capital gains and income received for non tax exempt accounts.