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Activus Wealth Ltd (“Activus”) provides a bespoke investment management service to private individuals, trusts, family offices and institutional investors. We have offices in Surrey and Hertfordshire.


Activus aims to offer an unparalleled level of service with high quality investment advice to a limited number of clients. We offer two distinct services to clients: a Discretionary Investment Service and an Advisory Investment Advisory Service. In addition Activus is investment manager to the MI Activus Wealth Funds which currently includes the Activus Investment Fund and the Activus Opportunity Fund.  We aim to offer an unparalleled level of service with high quality investment advice to a limited number of clients. Our primary aim is to give the investment advice which we would want to receive ourselves and we seek solutions which meet our clients’ individual needs.  Activus has developed organically through friends, business acquaintances and client referrals rather than through advertising.  We rely on a consistently high level of service to encourage our clients to recommend us to their contacts and we have the confidence to impose no exit charges.  While we describe ourselves as Restricted as we invest our clients’ portfolios primarily through the actively managed Activus funds, we are independent thinkers, we perform independent investment research and are independent from product providers.  Our holistic approach combines bespoke investment management and the optimising of tax allowances & reliefs with the goal of allowing our clients to sleep well at night knowing their financial matters are in order.

Investment Management

Most clients want to achieve real growth in their capital over time rather than matching an equity or hybrid equity/bond benchmark so we typically seek absolute rather than relative investment returns. This means that our client portfolios tend not to conform to a traditional mix of equities, bonds, property and cash.  We have a contrarian bias in our approach to investing and are not afraid to have portfolios which differ significantly from what is considered conventional.  While we can and do invest in company shares, corporate & government bonds and other assets directly, the majority of our funds are invested through other money managers.  These are selected on the basis of having a niche skill-based investment strategy which would be impossible for us to replicate and for which the net investment returns are expected to offer high risk adjusted returns with a low correlation to our other investments.  We provide an actively managed solution through our use of our managed funds.  Investments can go down as well as up and you may not realise your full investment.


Fund Management

Activus manages the MI Activus Wealth Funds which currently consists of the Activus Diversified Fund, the Activus Investment Fund and the Activus Opportunity Fund.  The funds are not constrained by any particular market benchmark and can be invested in asset classes including equities, fixed income, private equity, commodities, real estate, currencies, derivatives and cash.  The same investment processes which apply to private client portfolios are used for the funds.  All Activus principals have invested a substantial majority of their investible liquid net worth in the Activus funds and most clients have a substantial portion of their assets in the funds.  The funds offer several additional benefits over an individual account including access to non-retail investments, gross capital gain roll up within the funds, efficient portfolio management and alignment of interest with the manager.

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